Hand-carry: Critically urgent deliveries are our specialty.

In each case, the individual price of the service is determined by taking into account the offers of the various flights currently available and the optimal price of the other means required for performance.

Our basic services are services that

which cannot be requested as extras elsewhere:

  • gps tracking
  • telephone contact with the sender or recipient
  • we provide the possibility to instruct the courier directly
  • email notification of status
  • time guarantee and money back
  • 0-24 availability
  • delivery outside business hours
  • electronic delivery certificate
  • photographic confirmation of delivery
  • value guarantee
  • ad hoc insurance coverage up to HUF 5,000,000

Urgent contracts,
without which they stop
the shops / plants.

Power plant,
transmission tower
other defective
parts urgent

During production
suddenly arising
material requirements

or medical devices
urgent delivery
to recipients.


Kritikusan sürgős szállítás a szakterületünk.

Urgent part, package or document? We offer a service where a highly qualified dedicated courier will deliver your package. Be the recipient in Hungary, Europe or abroad. Futar.hu ensures the shortest possible delivery time, the shipment is delivered by our expert colleagues in the requested time interval. Manage and deliver your time-sensitive shipments responsibly outside of business hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Critically urgent delivery is our specialty.

For easy-to-carry / on-board packages, the dedicated courier will be in possession of your shipment throughout. In many cases, this is the fastest international service because it minimizes package handling time. When time is the most important issue, you simply can’t afford not to have your package arrive on time.


Futar.hu is a partner for you in this as well.

Futar.hu knows that the most important issue for you is the earliest, reliable delivery. With 10 years of experience behind us, we know what to do in case of transport difficulties. Our colleagues are well-routed at the airports of the world, communicating well in many foreign languages.


The high standard of our service has been accredited by several multinational companies.

Solution in all cases

Unique ideas - solutions for every case. We choose the appropriate means of transport for the given task, be it any carrier vehicle, engine, car, truck, bus, train, plane. We are not afraid of any unattainable destination at first.


Local specifics are also taken into account in all cases.